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Over 20 Years of Service in Our Community

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One in four children have a vision problem that can interfere with education.

We launched the “Right to Sight” program to help local kids get the care and eyewear that they so desperately need to reach their full potential in school. Our annual “Kids Day” provides thousands of kids who could not normally afford it, an opportunity to select stylish, quality glasses that they want to wear for FREE. We've had over 20 successful “Kids Days” since 1995, and because of the positive impact we have seen it have in the community, we’ve decided to expand our “Kids Right to Sight” program to serve our local kids year round. Now any day of the year, we will provide any child under the age of 18 and with a financial need, free glasses of their choice.

Kids Right To Sight

Watch this video segment from KEYT to see how Eyeglass Factory serves the children of the community!

Santa Barbara Kids Day

To see how we serve the eye care needs of kids in the Santa Barbara area local community year round, watch this video.

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