Eye Exams

Your eye exam is free with qualifying purchase.

Other services offered such as:

  • Dilation for eye health evaluation
  • Contact lens fitting & sales
    (including toric, multifocal & gas permeable)
  • Fits for keratoconus
  • Office visits (red eyes, dry eyes, etc)
Real 1-Hour Service

Our state-of-the-art laboratories in each store make it possible to provide REAL one-hour service – even on progressive bifocals!

That’s something you won’t get from Costco or an online provider!


We take vision insurance for your eyeglasses needs. At the Eyeglass Factory, if you have insurance or a vision plan, we will handle the billing for you. The following are examples of the most common plans:

  • Medical Eye Services (MES)
  • Cottage Health Systems
  • and more.