Our Journey from 1994 to 2024: A Look Back at 30 Years of Excellence at the Best Eyeglass Store

Mar 21, 2024 | Blog


For three decades, the Eyeglass Factory has been the premier destination for top-quality eyewear, exceptional service, and unbeatable value in the Santa Barbara, Ventura and Camarillo areas. As we celebrate this major 30th-anniversary milestone in 2024, we’re taking a look back at our humble beginnings and the incredible journey that has solidified our reputation as one of the leading eyeglass frames stores in the region.

History and Milestones

What started as a single optical superstore in Santa Barbara in 1994 has grown into a flourishing business with three convenient locations across California. From day one, our unique model of housing state-of-the-art production labs right within our retail stores has allowed us to offer true one-hour service on most prescriptions – including bifocals and no-line progressives.

Other major milestones over the past 30 years include expanding to Ventura in 1998, introducing the BOGO deal for a free second pair, bringing independent optometrists on-site for eye exams, and opening our third store in Camarillo in 2005 to meet growing demand. We’ve continually evolved our product lines, integrated new lens technologies, and renovated our labs to stay at the cutting edge.

Local Impact

While business success has been important, the Eyeglass Factory’s roots are firmly planted in supporting and giving back to the communities we serve. A top source of pride is our Kids Right to Sight program, which has provided free glasses to thousands of children in need over the years. We’ve also partnered with organizations both locally and abroad, helping to replace eyeglasses for those impacted by conflict in Israel and distributing glasses to students in Cuba.

Customer Stories

Perhaps our greatest achievement, though, has been earning the loyalty and trust of generations of customers throughout the region with our quality products and service. We have longtime clients who have been with us since our early days and who keep returning year after year. Their stellar reviews rave about our amazing staff, affordable prices on designer frames, convenient eye exams and real one-hour service that can’t be matched. “This place is amazing, the counter staff and the owner took good care of my order. Very happy” by Dave Kerr.

Behind the Scenes

A peek behind the curtain reveals the backbone of what makes the Eyeglass Factory experience so exceptional – our highly skilled team of opticians working diligently in the state-of-the-art labs at each retail location. Leveraging over 30 years of experience and cutting-edge technologies, these masters of their craft meticulously cut, measure, tint, and assemble each pair of prescription glasses with painstaking precision and attention to detail.

From replicating the most precise PD measurements to hand-adjusting frames for the perfect fit to aligning bifocal and progressive lenses, our lab professionals are truly artists operating at the highest level of technical expertise. It’s this tireless commitment to quality that allows us to produce superior eyewear and deliver that real one-hour service that our customers love.

Looking Ahead

While we’re incredibly proud to have served the area for the past 30 years, the Eyeglass Factory story is just getting started. We have major plans in the works to expand to new locations, bring in cutting-edge lens technologies, grow our product offerings, and continue investing in our labs and staff to uphold our unwavering commitment to quality, value, and excellent customer service.

Our vision for the next 30 years is to build on our reputation as the best eyeglass store for the latest designer eyeglass frames, precision lenses, professional eye exams, and real one-hour service you can’t find anywhere else. We’ll keep evolving and innovating to exceed your expectations while upholding our core mission.


On behalf of the entire Eyeglass Factory team, we want to express our immense gratitude to all of our customers, employees, and community partners who have supported us over the past 30 years. Your loyalty and trust are what have fueled our success and driven us to be the best eyewear destination in the region.

Whether you’ve been with us since 1994 or are just getting acquainted with the Eyeglass Factory experience, we invite you to visit us at one of our convenient locations in 2024 and celebrate this major milestone with us. See firsthand why we’re the premier eyeglass frames store providing outstanding value on the latest trends in designer eyewear along with real expert service and customization. Here’s to many more decades of helping you see life better!

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