Free Glasses Offered from The Eyeglass Factory for Students in Need

Aug 23, 2016 | Blog, Glasses

The Eyeglass Factory is offering free glasses for students 18 and younger with a prescription and a financial need.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – As the school year gets underway, the Eyeglass Factory is offering free glasses for students 18 years old and under who have financial needs.Owner Rick Feldman says he wants every student to reach their full learning potential and having correct vision to see their assignments is the first step.

The child can come to any of the stores in Camarillo, Ventura or Santa Barbara with a parent and a prescription from an eye doctor.  There will be a small amount of paperwork to fill out and then they can begin looking over the frames.

Feldman remembers the first time he saw a struggling school child with blurry vision get a pair of glasses to improve their sight.  “The child held the glasses up and said ‘now I can see!’  Well if that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye I don’t know what does!,” he said.

Feldman says it’s not one or two frame styles that are set aside for the program. They have a full selection. “The kids want to look good and feel good about the way they look.  We’ll make sure they get top shelf treatment,” he said.

One child wearing new frames Jazlyn Ramirez said she was able to pick them out herself and look them over in the nearby mirrors. “I like the color of the glasses and I like the shape of them,” she said.

Her mother realizes how expensive it can be and how helpful the offer is to families who have financial needs. Angie Ramirez said, “it’s expensive and if he can help out  I love it.  There are families that can not get the glasses.  It’s important for the kids to see.”

Feldman says he hopes school officials and especially school nurses keep the program in mind when they see a child with vision needs.

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